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If the two worlds are destined to be at the forefront of innovation, it will be the aviation and watchmaking industries, guided by the conquest of time and space. Richard Mille RM 62-01 replica,Aviation has been inspiration for Richard Miller and his watchmaking XXI vision of the heart of the century revealing that the world is extremely close to parallel. “Our watches are capable of working in harsh environments, and the ability to withstand considerable forces and withstand wear and tear allows us to test the innovations and introduce the “torture laboratory” into our factory. The required safety factor is 120%. 150% of the aviation industry, we want the Mille watch to exceed the standard in terms of operation. As a designer, I am fascinated by the similarities between airplanes and watches,” explains Richard Mille. Airbus has placed its technicians at the forefront of aerospace design with the mission of flying passengers in the safest and most comfortable conditions. Its name alone is enough to evoke an unprecedented aircraft design method created by its prestigious subsidiary Airbus for private clients. The latter, in collaboration with Richard Mille in 2016, was embodied in the creation of the RM 50-02 Tourbillon ACJ.

New revolution

The RM 62-01 Vibrating Alarm Clock Tourbillon ACJ offers unexpected features that broaden the range of travel watches that may be useful to those with a global spirit.

The movement is considered to be the most technologically advanced Richard Mille watches replica high quality to date, after more than five years of development, especially by the movement of Richard Mille technical director Salvador · The movement designed by Salvador Arbona.

RM 62-01
Invention, innovation, development

In the basic function of any large stroke, the second time zone is here indicated by the green UTC pointer on the center of the dial. Under the transparent sapphire crystal at 9 o’clock, the tourbillon is based on a 5 Hz titanium dial, the tourbillon’s variable inertia balance oscillates at 3 Hz, and the large date at 12 o’clock is marked by the iconic The red hatched line indicates. From the house. The 70-hour power reserve is located at 11 o’clock. All functions of the vibration alarm are concentrated in the lower part of the main dial. The auxiliary dial sets the alarm time to 24 hours or minutes. It has 2 dedicated indicators: on/off and power reserve. Watchmaking complexity appeared half a century ago, alert

However, sudden ringtones are no longer needed, which is not conducive to the quietness of the office, airport lounges and other public places. Why should the alarm clock evade this due responsibility? Inspired by the silent mode of the smartphone, the RM 62-01 project happens to contain the logic of the intimate relationship between the wearer and the watch and with the surrounding environment.

The main innovation is to modify the mode in which alerts are issued. The latter is no longer a sound, but is secretly transmitted to the wrist by vibration. If the watch is placed on the bedside table, it will hardly be magnified.audemars piguet replica watches

Therefore, the expected function can be elegantly assumed by reminding yourself of all the cautious appointments and other important moments. The wearer of the watch is indeed the only person who can recognize the trigger of the alarm, which is more than a few centimeters. This delicacies are of high quality in the tense atmosphere of the conference room and in the confined space of the first class.

RM 039
One of the most complex watches in the series – a true navigation tool for experienced pilots – uses aviation-specific materials and designs. The movement has nearly 800 parts and the casing has 200 parts.

Responding to the RM 50-02 CCJ Rattrapante tourbillon chronograph launched in 2016, the RM 62-01 vibrating alarm tourbillon ACJ has a unique design that combines a porthole bezel with a box-shaped bucket case. Symbolizes the Richard Mille watch. The latter ignores many of the signs that are distinguished by the continuous contrast of their color codes. The large diameter titanium crown is reminiscent of the reactor blades, while the buttons occupy the outline of the tower that connects the wings to the reactor.

Like the RM 50-02, the RM 62-01 has a double border. It also replicates this structure at the bottom of the case. The second bezel is placed on a polished titanium frame and satin, and is only machined in TPT® carbon blocks with a thickness of only 1.8 mm.

Titanium reinforcements have emerged from the TPT® carbon fiber case. The RM 50-02 occupies a white space for long trips, while the RM 62-01 seems to be inspired by the custom cabin dark black wood veneer.Blancpain L-EVOLUTION replica

The choice of these materials goes beyond aesthetic logic: the Titanium/Carbon TPT® combination also provides the best weight-to-stiffness ratio within the functional range of RM 62-01. By deviating from the structure of the movement, it ensures that the vibration of the alarm is transmitted to the wrist well. The development and development process of the RM 62-01 watch involves the outer casing, accessories, the specific form of the movement, the specific form of the parts, the internal and external development process, because this watch must withstand the micro towns of the earth and periodically stir the watch . Rugged moving parts, some of which don’t like vibration.

Richard Mille’s approach is to solve any functional or complexity development by systematically considering perfection.

Regarding the alarm clock, the minutes and 24 hours should be considered to prevent the watch from being uncomfortable for a long time.

As a result, Richard Mille’s engineers have integrated the operational safety constraints of this highly complex component. Various experiments ensure optimal use of the function and excellent resistance to movement over time.

Whenever the wearer sets the time of the watch as an alarm, even if it is activated, the vibration can be interrupted without damage. In addition, any operation of the putter will not cause damage. The large size of the watch, 16.90 mm thick, 42 ​​mm wide and 49.94 mm long, and 7.06 mm thick is no different than the number of elements it contains: 9 complications, 816 components, adding 384 garments Includes no less than 7 stitches and 5 skeleton indicators.